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Our company specialises in quality hand laid asphalt ranging from 1 to 40m2 we also utilise the latest technologies in the asphalting industry to suit all the needs of our customers.

Profiling capability

Profiling is the preferred method of resurfacing NSW roads as the depth can be predicted insuring minimal waste of asphalt. It also pulverises existing asphalt into a fine material that can be immediately recycled causing minimal environmental damage.

Saw cut patching

Using a road saw we can accurately produce clean edge patching for a much more aesthetically pleasing finished product. Failed asphalt is then excavated and recycled.

Flocon use

We have in our fleet a Flocon body which is a specialised asphalt truck with a heated body and a walking floor designed to keep the asphalt at a perfect laying temperature for as long as possible as opposed to carting the asphalt in a tipper truck where the asphalt is more likely to go cold and not reach full compaction.

The Flocon body also insures minimal waste of fresh asphalt keeping costs down and being environmentally friendly.

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